More Fabulous New Poetry from the Porch

invert the helix, by John Reinhart $20

ISBN: 0997870664 / 9780997870664

In invert the helix, Reinhart’s brilliant approach takes poetry beyond the line and into the labyrinth. His words are shape and color, layer and repetition. You don’t read these poems; you experience them. Reaching the a-ha moment each one of them holds is a kinetic experience-his poems will move you in directions you don’t expect, but are glad to discover.

-Dianne Borsenik, publisher/editor at NightBallet Press

John Reinhart-part American rebel, part sci fi geek-has produced a stunning collection that captures the fairy tales, legends, and fevered fantasies of American life. He works his poems with a deft touch, ranging from shocking word art to well-punctuated musical notes that drill into the reader’s psyche.

-Frank Watson, Editor of Poetry Nook

Reinhart’s poetry dances across the page like paint across a canvas. His work combines the facts of daily life (chores, tasks, child-rearing) with the scientific musings of a mind steeped in imaginative possibilities. As the first poem in his book suggests, poetry is a found object that emerges from the accidental combinations of the beauty and trash our lives produce. The poetry in invert the helix is “patterning, repositioning, exploring, [and] exploding” off the pages of Reinhart’s second book.

-Andrea Rexilius, author of To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation (Rescue Press, 2011) and New Organism: Essais (Letter Machine Editions, 2014)


New Book of Poetry from the Porch

Scattered Cranes, by Guinotte Wise. $10.99

ISBN-10: 0997870672
ISBN-13: 978-0997870671

Scattered Cranes is a bit of an elegy to time spent rodeoing, roughnecking and construction work on bridges across bodies of water large and small in those areas of America that the coastal bound fly over, barely registering the beauty of the farmland patterns and jungles below. Then clouds form a protective layer. There is no protective layer in Scattered Cranes. Some of it is down and dirty, while other passages are dreamlike and aspirational, with a thread of humor. And where there is humor, there is optimism. As the foreword says, it’s like rodeo, you’re out there with your try. Scattered Cranes is a bustling, dusty arena for Wise’s try. Enjoy it.

“…a compelling and essential collection of bare-knuckle poetry.”
Ben Banyard, Editor/Publisher Clear Poetry, UK

“Expect Wise’s world to stay inside you after you’ve read it, and roll to the surface for attention like a memory or a dream.”
Chelsea Laine Wells, Writer, Fiction Editor Hypertext, Hypernova, (b)Oink

“Wise’s collection is both hauntingly nostalgic and piercingly urgent…”
Jen Knox, Author of After the Gazebo and The Glass City


Call for work: van Gogh anthology—>CLOSED


Thanks to everyone who contributed, we have some fantastic work for this anthology. 

CALL FOR WORK: Catfish McDaris is soliciting work  for an anthology of devoted to Vincent van Gogh to be published in 2017. Pski’s Porch will publish the book, and the van Gogh Library in Nuenen, The Netherlands, will feature copies for sale.

DEADLINE: Soon! The collection will be 300 pages, 200 have already been accepted.

PAYMENT: Each selected author or artist will receive a contributor’s copy.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Send up to 10 pages of written material (poetry, flash fiction, creative nonfiction) and/or art to Catfish McDaris at Mcdar3 at aol dot com with “van Gogh” in the subject line. Include your contact information with the submission.

New Year, New Book of Poetry

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself, by Mikel K.

100 pages — $10

ISBN-13: 978-0-9978706-5-7
ISBN-10: 0997870656

Fresh from the oven, a full-length book from Atlanta spoken-word royalty, Mikel K:

It is not lightly that I compare my friend, Mikel K Poet to a Bukowski,
John Fante, or Hunter S. Thompson. He is twisted. He is misunderstood. He is Arturio Bandini running amok through this crazy life! Mostly, he is genius in it’s purest, insanest form (and I say that in a good way). Not all will “get” him, but that’s ok because he doesn’t “get” most of us mere mortals either. His observations, stories and poetry are intriguing, thought-provoking and sometimes downright disturbing…gotta love it!

—Valerie King, Co-Founder/Editor Rock Revolt Magazine

I might not have it in me
The email says
that my package
will arrive by
8pm tomorrow.
I will then have
a new razor
the type that the barber
used on me.
It cost me fifty bucks
but it’s worth it,
though I really
don’t like to shave.


Short Story Collection from the Porch

Monarchs of the Undertow, Marc Pietrzykowski.

140 pages — $10

ISBN-13: 978-0-9978706-4-0
ISBN-10: 0997870648

Small town fabula, secrets and lies, petty thieves in the mall and shotguns balanced in the lap. The sun is a beast. Everyone knows everyone. No one knows why, they try to leave, but something keeps drawing them back. Short stories for the culturally oblique.

After I nailed a board over the window, I sat on the couch and stared at it. I know I should have stopped them, the little bastards, or at least tried. I should have stopped Cheryl dressing those poor dogs up like beauty pageant bimbos, too, but I didn’t. I should’ve told my Dad “no” when he got my draft card knocked down to II-C, but I didn’t. I should have stopped after two beers and skipped the Canadian Club, too, but I didn’t, and so what, we all get to where we’re going by different roads, nothing better or worse in mine. That’s the funny thing about karma, when idiots say “what goes around comes around,” they think they’ll see justice here, in this world, but karma is longer than time, we never see it. We pay it back all the time, it’s always coming around, sure, just no point in trying to figure out where it came from. I figure every life I lived was just like this one, never been a worm or a god or anything, just a sad, tired old man the moment I got born ‘til the moment I die, over and over, the same kind of life, every time. Let the kid figure it out himself. I can always get more windows. (“A Walk with the Minister’s Son”)


More new poetry from the Porch

So Much Noise. by Marc Pietrzykowski
79 pages – $10.00

ISBN13: 978-0997870619
ISBN-10: 0997870613

More poems about piffy, ferns, consultancy, Kentucky, crayons, and gristle. These poems are sneaky, carefully measured, narrative but layered, lyrical but possessive. Or possessed, but by someone nice and not at all demonic, except when the wind blows. Feathered, though not like 80s hair. Full of vim.

Where do we put them? In a genealogy? In a drawer?

I Can Hear Her Bones Growing, or Cracking

America always tries too hard, chewing
with her mouth open,
walking her huge, stupid dogs
right down the middle of the street,
letting them shit just anywhere.

Like a trumpet solo in C sharp
when C would do just as fine, thank you,
like the idea of soloing in the first place,
like Miles Fucking Davis, trying
way too hard, trying to be cool

while the veins in his neck and head
swole up like a garden hose
after the tap gets flipped and the water
flows. She tries too hard and then
says things like, “better to have tried too hard

than not tried at all,” as though she
was Caesar, prescribing the bounds
of logic with a sweep of the hand. Laughing
too loud, snorting, the guffaw
is an American invention. I can’t do much more

than say I love you, you big, goofy,
toothsome girl, and how strange it is
to feel older than one’s parent. I only hope
that yours are the pains of adolescence
and not the onset of early dementia.

Official Publication Date: Nov 19th, 2016


New Book of Poetry From the Porch, via the UK….

Working With the Negatives, Steven Storrie.

51 pages — $7.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9978706-2-6
ISBN-10: 0997870621

Steven Storrie writes unadorned poems with subtle angles and a light touch, even as he rails against the sociopolitical currents dragging at his feet. Working With the Negatives offers us poems that capture experience in a way that privileges that experience as much as the poem, that steer our attention back and forth between loss and desire.


Just one more week
And it’s payday
Just one more week
And it’s vacation time
Just one more week
And it’s Memorial Day
A three day weekend
Thank the Lord

Soon the weeks pile up
Like dead bodies
Blank faced and unaccounted for
The days like letters
Stuffed into a shoebox

What I wouldn’t give
Just once
To be


New Book of Poetry from Pski’s Press, via Minnesota…

Bereft & the Same-Sex Heart, Samuel E. Cole.

127 Pages — $13

ISBN-13: 978-0997870633
ISBN-10: 099787063X

In <i>Bereft & the Same Sex Heart</i>, his first collection of poetry, Samuel E. Cole’s concerns range from growing up gay in a conservative Christian community to the difficulties of domesticating love, from the starkly political to the deeply intimate, and from formally innovative to searingly emotional poetics, often within the same page. Cole’s work is dizzying in the best sense of the word, exploring new love, old scars, rage, and acceptance in equal measure.

At its heart, Bereft & The Same-Sex Heart restores balance to imbalance, whether inherent, precarious, familial, societal, political, or religious. Equilibrium is redistributed. Tension rises and suspension falls. Private thoughts, secret desires, and risky missteps take love, loss, and disappointment on a redemption-seeking journey.



says a shrinking oak leaf
severed from its branch.


says a fray-winged jaybird
culled from its flock.


says a wilting-yellow mimulus
transplanted from its root.


says a tainted memory collector
faded from its photograph.


More Poetry From Pski’s Porch

Poems I and II, by Fred C. Applebaum.
110 pages – $10.00

ISBN-13: 978-0692692578
ISBN-10: 0692692576

Fred C. Applebaum is a pen name for Marc Pietrzykowski, who gets bored thinking and writing from within his own name. The poems are experimental the way rockets were experimental in the 1930s, perhaps. The project will be done once there are Poems I-V, and Fred will retire and Marc’s homunculus will sprout another life. Until then, please join us!

Too Late Now

the floor.


Official Publication Date: Oct 7th, 2016