Month: September 2016

New Book of Poems From Bruce McRae

Like As If, by Bruce McRae 130 page — $13 ISBN-13: 978-0692731109 ISBN-10: 0692731105 Hyperbole, verging on histrionics. Hectoring lists. Mangled metaphors. Super-similes, which lean toward hysteria: as if ‘like’ and like ‘as if’. A flying fortress of images and imagery. Wordplay. Cinematic mélange. A stand-up comic’s throwaway one-liners. (Yes, humour, of the rubber crutch

New Book From Pski’s Porch

Migration, by Brian Morse and Betsy Potter 44 pages – $18.00 ISBN-13: 978-0997870602 ISBN-10: 0997870605 A wonderfully disorienting mix of nature writing and haunting surrealism, told in epistolary form, accompanied by delicately unsettling illustrations. Brian Morse and Betsy Potter have made a book  that will make readers feel slightly to the left of themselves, as