Month: October 2016

New Book of Poetry from Pski’s Press, via Minnesota…

Bereft & the Same-Sex Heart, Samuel E. Cole. 127 Pages — $13 ISBN-13: 978-0997870633 ISBN-10: 099787063X In <i>Bereft & the Same Sex Heart</i>, his first collection of poetry, Samuel E. Cole’s concerns range from growing up gay in a conservative Christian community to the difficulties of domesticating love, from the starkly political to the deeply

More Poetry From Pski’s Porch

Poems I and II, by Fred C. Applebaum. 110 pages – $10.00 ISBN-13: 978-0692692578 ISBN-10: 0692692576 Fred C. Applebaum is a pen name for Marc Pietrzykowski, who gets bored thinking and writing from within his own name. The poems are experimental the way rockets were experimental in the 1930s, perhaps. The project will be done