Month: November 2016

Short Story Collection from the Porch

Monarchs of the Undertow, Marc Pietrzykowski. 140┬ápages — $10 ISBN-13: 978-0-9978706-4-0 ISBN-10: 0997870648 Small town fabula, secrets and lies, petty thieves in the mall and shotguns balanced in the lap. The sun is a beast. Everyone knows everyone. No one knows why, they try to leave, but something keeps drawing them back. Short stories for

More new poetry from the Porch

So Much Noise. by Marc Pietrzykowski 79 pages – $10.00 ISBN13: 978-0997870619 ISBN-10: 0997870613 More poems about piffy, ferns, consultancy, Kentucky, crayons, and gristle. These poems are sneaky, carefully measured, narrative but layered, lyrical but possessive. Or possessed, but by someone nice and not at all demonic, except when the wind blows. Feathered, though not

New Book of Poetry From the Porch, via the UK….

Working With the Negatives, Steven Storrie. 51 pages — $7. ISBN-13: 978-0-9978706-2-6 ISBN-10: 0997870621 Steven Storrie writes unadorned poems with subtle angles and a light touch, even as he rails against the sociopolitical currents dragging at his feet. Working With the Negatives offers us poems that capture experience in a way that privileges that experience