Month: March 2017

Recent review

Some excellent words about John Reinhart’s words here. “It grabbed me immediately, licking off the page like the flames he described in one piece.” –Shawna Ayoub Ainslie Get ye a copy of invert the helix!

More Fabulous New Poetry from the Porch

invert the helix, by John Reinhart $20 ISBN: 0997870664 / 9780997870664 In invert the helix, Reinhart’s brilliant approach takes poetry beyond the line and into the labyrinth. His words are shape and color, layer and repetition. You don’t read these poems; you experience them. Reaching the a-ha moment each one of them holds is a kinetic

New Book of Poetry from the Porch

Scattered Cranes, by Guinotte Wise. $10.99 ISBN-10: 0997870672 ISBN-13: 978-0997870671 Scattered Cranes is a bit of an elegy to time spent rodeoing, roughnecking and construction work on bridges across bodies of water large and small in those areas of America that the coastal bound fly over, barely registering the beauty of the farmland patterns and