Month: April 2018

New Book From the Porch: Politicians are Superheroes

Peter Clarke: Politicians are Superheroes 206 pages, $13.00 ISBN-13: 978-1948920018 ISBN-10: 1948920018 When politicians are bought and sold, when ancient monarchs prowl the earth looking for kingdoms to rule, and when common citizens are corrupted by dreams of an alien anarchist utopia, the time has come for the world to be destroyed at any moment. In this

New Book of Poems: Guinotte Wise

Guinotte Wise: Horses See Ghosts 164 pages, $10.99 ISBN-13: 9978-1948920001 ISBN-10: 194892000X   Pski’s Porch is proud to offer Horses See Ghosts, the latest poetry collection from author, sculptor, and raconteur Guinotte Wise, full of joy and sadness and wry, side-eyed affection for our lost world. Birds, fowl, horses, dogs, ghosts, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky. Life