Month: May 2018

the Ramingo’s Porch, Issue #3

Welcome to issue 3 of The Ramingo’s Porch, the “Fuck Bukowski”issue. While the theme speaks for itself, the contrubutions herein push the theme around, rough it up, and leave it bleeding in a alley, giggling to itself. And how could they not? The man contained multitudes, so must an issue devoted to an admiration so

New from the Porch: John Doyle

John Doyle: Songs for Boys Called Wendell Gomez ISBN-13: 978-0-9988476-9-6 ISBN-10: 0998847690   From County Kildare in Ireland, geography and politics matter not to John Doyle; rather, it is how long his hair will remain this color and how long it will stick around before saying sayonara. Songs For Boys Called Wendell Gomez is Doyle’s second