Coming in March

In March, 2014, Pski’s Porch Publishing, will unleash The Emissary on an unsuspecting, and largely uncaring, reading public. Marc Pietrzykowski’s second novel concerns residents of the ElderGrove Residential Living Facility, a run down nursing home chock full of stories. The aged residents are overflowing with them, the employees are busy making their own, and one former worker likes to record them and make animated shorts from the recordings, which he then uploads to YouTube. One story is too common for most people to notice: at ElderGrove, people die, often. When a nurses’ aide and her young daughters are killed in their home, however, people start to notice that the tale they took for granted is not the same one being spun between backgammon and re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show. The Emissary is a story about stories, the stories we tell about love and death, identity, and interpersonal relationships, about architecture, and the elderly, and murder–and an alien visitor trying to make sense of it all.

Also in March, Marc Pietrzykowski’s sixth book of poetry, Straddling the Sibyl, will depart the lexical abattoir in little styrofoam trays, wrapped in plastic. Here is a poem from the book:

The Observatory

The immensity of my head, of the room that surrounds it,

of the house and town and valley and universe and galaxy,

of the space between it all, the way it blooms forth,

is a brood of facts deafening to live among, and oh, the barnyard reek.


And so I don’t, or not often, when I do, the shock

is nearly paralytic, and certainly unnatural, I must work,

I must earn my bread. Awe is parasitic, it feeds

by revealing what a pitiable share we’re stuck with.


I’m of the infinite, and to know it would surely be grand,

but that’s not the same as living, so I defer,

I restrict, I hem, I dawdle as I dwindle, I stand when I should sit,

I look at my skin, glad it’s not everywhere all at once.



More to come about these books, and the party to accompany their launch…