New Book from Pski’s Porch

At the End of All Our Labors
by Potassium Cockburn

$13. 284 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0692506165 • ISBN-10: 0692506160

September 2015

The central character in Potassium Cockburn’s novel has a job to do, and several successive layers of reality in which to do it, but it’s not clear who he’s really working for, or that the job will ever end. At the End of All Our Labors is a dizzying exploration of identity, technology, entertainment, and the value of work in a future defined by virtual and augmented reality, nano technology, ecological disaster, and the struggle for eyeballs.
Potassium Cockburn lives and writes in the United States, quietly, with little fuss. To help mantain this quiet, please direct any inquires for interviews or correspondance to Cockburn’s publisher at