New Book of Poetry from Pski’s Press, via Minnesota…

Bereft & the Same-Sex Heart, Samuel E. Cole.

127 Pages — $13

ISBN-13: 978-0997870633
ISBN-10: 099787063X

In <i>Bereft & the Same Sex Heart</i>, his first collection of poetry, Samuel E. Cole’s concerns range from growing up gay in a conservative Christian community to the difficulties of domesticating love, from the starkly political to the deeply intimate, and from formally innovative to searingly emotional poetics, often within the same page. Cole’s work is dizzying in the best sense of the word, exploring new love, old scars, rage, and acceptance in equal measure.

At its heart, Bereft & The Same-Sex Heart restores balance to imbalance, whether inherent, precarious, familial, societal, political, or religious. Equilibrium is redistributed. Tension rises and suspension falls. Private thoughts, secret desires, and risky missteps take love, loss, and disappointment on a redemption-seeking journey.



says a shrinking oak leaf
severed from its branch.


says a fray-winged jaybird
culled from its flock.


says a wilting-yellow mimulus
transplanted from its root.


says a tainted memory collector
faded from its photograph.