New Book of Poetry From the Porch

John Doyle: A Stirring at Dusk

42 pages, $5.59 / €5
ISBN: 0998847623
ISBN-13: 978-0998847627

John Doyle quit writing poetry for a while, then returned, and we at the Porch are glad he did. These are funny, smart, affecting poems from County Kildare.

“An obvious love of language and music was a defining quality running through the first articles by John Doyle that we published at TMO magazine. If there was one common theme, though, among the various pieces he sent us, it was an almost unfashionable respect for craftsmanship and artistry. Whether writing about Neil Young, European club football, or Cornish language poets, he highlighted skill and intent. His poetry comes from the same place, where each word is weighed and valued, and I find that dynamic in abundance in his poetry.”

Andy Lawless, Three Monkeys Online