Shipping delays

Here at the Porch, we use Createspace to print books, and to ship them. This system functioned quite well until recently–sometime during the last year, the time for books ordered directly through Createspace to go from production to shipping started to increase, and as a result, their usual backlog around the holidays is, this year, fucking ridiculous. Here is one of many threads discussing the situation:

If someone orders through Amazon, it seems to happen much quicker, but of course that means paying full price. So, to everyone who is waiting on a copy of Ramingo’s Porch or author copies of one of their own books, my apologies, all the orders are in, and have been for quite some time. If this problem persists, we will explore using different printers, which would then mean losing Amazon’s distribution network (the only reason to use them in the first place). We hope that the volume of complaints will lead Createspace to get their shit together.