New Book of Poems: Jay Passer

Jay Passer: they lied to me when they said everything would be alright

107 pages, $10

ISBN-13: 978-0998847689
ISBN-10: 0998847682

“Jay Passer is always on fire. Literary, literally and figuratively. It takes such a small spark from a everyday occurrence to breath a storm of air into a forest fire of general madness. Author photo: A man in a fedora brandishing two sawn-off shot guns. Not all poetry is wishy-washy words about flowers. Some men are at the forefront of the blaze just feeding the flames. Jay is always on fire.

This collection reminds me of compulsion.  A urge and unavoiding desire to smash the fucking words onto dead trees. They are hurried and sketchy; but not with laziness or brevity. This is a collection of solid poems that was both necessary and relevant. Like a bear with a chain on its bullring, both the pain and desire for freedom are connected in the expression the poems manifest. I fear jay will never be free of his nightmares and as a friend that worries me – but as a reader and a fan, in a selfish lust for more content I hope it never wakes up from this endearing, vivid and slumberless sleep

Jays content is always interesting and cleanly deep (straying clear of over wanking the words) because as a person; he is interesting and insightful. His witty without the pretentious over flowering of his poetry. Jay is both a light house and a ship wreck. Don hesitate to buy this book if your up for some real mad shit, take it from an Australian – I know real and mad shit.”  –Ben John Smith, HorrorSleazeTrash