New from the Porch: No and Maybe, Maybe and No

$20 US
286 pp

ISBN-10 : 1948920220

ISBN-13 : 978-1948920223

Maybe and No are a pair of extradimensional creatures driven by violent storms from their plane of existence to ours, where they assume the form of a pair of large birds of indeterminate species. Super-intelligent and intensely curious, they discuss their observations once here, of such things as: the relentless bickering of a Mother and Son over the same thing day after day, the wild thoughts and actions of an unhinged psychotherapist the Mother forces the Son to see, the mindless devotion of a pair of workmen commanded to build a huge wooden sign on a near-unused country road, for no apparent reason but to please a never-shown Godlike personage known only as “The Captain”, and more. “Maybe and No” is not only a cultural pushback, born of James Joyce via Philip K. Dick, with a nod to Leonard Cohen, but it’s also very funny. Intelligent and thoughtful, it challenges every basic notion of what we call “reality”; and does so in a prose style like no other. Read it, expand your ideas of what is possible in story, and have a good laugh along the way.