New From the Porch: She Calls Me Cinnamon

She Calls Me Cinnamon

by Lane Chasek

133pps, $10 US

ISBN-13: 978-1-948920-30-8
ISBN-10: 1-948920-30-1

“I assume my human body, my human self, is dead. I say this because it doesn’t make sense for a human me and a puppy me to exist simultaneously.”

“She Calls Me Cinnamon is more than a shaggy dog story. Original and intriguing, the novel mixes elements of the fantastic with acerbic social commentary and an irreverent wit.”

—Charles Holdefer, author of Back in the Game

Cliff Salinger is dead. At least, he’s dead to the human world. Now, he lives as his ex-girlfriend’s Cocker Spaniel. He can remember almost everything about his human life—except how it ended. A cartoon-obsessed coworker, his autistic savant sister, his mother’s priest, and a mysterious raven may hold the answer to how Cliff died. But can he ever return to his human form? She Calls Me Cinnamon is a mystery about the thin lines between animal and human, the living and the dead, and the legacies we (sometimes) leave behind.