Applebaum – Poems I

Poems I
by Fred C. Applebaum

Print: $7. 54 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-0692403891 ISBN-10: 0692403892
Official Book Launch May 16, 2015

Fred C. Applebaum writes wee poems, lots of them, and some of them are collected here. Some are snark, some are beautiful, some reflect his life in rural Iowa, some are about the few trips he has taken outside of that town. Please enjoy.

Fred C. Applebaum is a very private person who would rather leave it at that. He lives in Iowa.

A month of butter,
a month of bones.
Our hunger has a grandfather,
a grandmother, a clerk,
a manservant. A month of lightning.
A month of flies,
a month of skin.