After 10 years, Pski’s Porch is changing its submission policy for the second time. We are immediately suspending open submissions until we can figure out our new mission, somehow aligning our publishing interests with our newest endeavor, Hawley’s Grove, a bar and grill in Lockport, New York, that we just bought and are now in charge of making fruitful.

What this alignment means, we cannot say, as we are exhausted from the process of buying a tavern. But it will come, and we will share our updated vision and guidelines soon. We will, of course, publish all the wonderful books remaining in the queue!

Pski’s Porch

December, 2021

————begin archival submission text———–

Poetry that is readable. It can be difficult, it can be weird (we very much like it weird), but it shouldn’t be fashionable. If you adhere to the belief that good poets read lots of contemporary poetry, then we probably won’t like it much. If passion matters just a tad more to you than craft, then we probably will.

Fiction that is readable. The same general qualities we like in poetry we also like in fiction.

Other stuff we haven’t thought of. We are interested in the art of writing, so a manual on Civil War weaponry probably will not interest us. A collage of images of Civil War weaponry overlayed with excerpts from Civil War-era epistles might. Or a really interesting manual of weapons… oh hell, send us an idea, we’ll listen.

Please note we are a very small publisher and will not publish many books in any year, unless we win the lottery or lose a finger or two at work. And, we can’t offer you much aside from design and editing suggestions, distribution, ideas for getting people to read your books, and a lot of enthusiasm for the fringes of life and art. Hence, it is likely we will say “no thanks’ to whatever you send us, but that does not mean we didn’t like it, we simply have to be very very very choosy, lest we go mad. We will not charge you any kind of fee, however. A labor of love, this.

To submit a work, first email us and tell us about the book, in the body of an email. Don’t send the whole thing, just give us a sense of what you want to do, then we will respond. Also, put your last name and pski submission in the subject line, please.

email: pskisporch  AT gmail DOT com. (replace those words with the appropriate symbols, and get rid of the spaces.