Poetry Books

Books of poetry we have published:

A Wall to Protect Your Eyes. By Holly Day.

Poems to Knock the Sun Out of the Sky. By Ryan Quinn Flanagan.

Old Blues, New Blues. By John Lambremont, Sr.

On the Other Side of the Window. By Marianne Szlyk.

Songs for Boys Called Wendell Gomez. By John Doyle.

Horses See Ghosts. By Guinotte Wise.

they lied to me when they said everything would be alright. By Jay Passer.

Constimocrazy: Malafricanising Democracy. By Nsah Mala.

A Stirring at Dusk. By John Doyle.

Resurrection of a Sunflower. Various Authors.

Poems I. By Fred C. Applebaum.

Poems I and II. By Fred C. Applebaum.

Light and Shade. By Gerry Brennan and Mariana Santos.

Bereft & the Same-Sex Heart. By Samuel E. Cole

A Thoroughness Not Deprived of Absurdity. By Colin James.

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself, by Mikel K.

Sleeping With the Fish. By Catfish McDaris.

27 Hammerheads Circling Ever Closer. By Catfish McDaris.

Like As If. By Bruce McRae.

Kindness is Never Small. By Marc Pietrzykowski.

No Tribe, No Tribute. Poems by Marc Pietrzykowski.

So Much Noise. By Marc Pietrzykowski

Straddling the Sibyl. By Marc Pietrzykowski.

Conflagrations: Poems and Images, Images and Poetry by Mary Leary and Marc Pietrzykowski

Lost on My Own Street. By Tim Staley.

Working with the Negatives. by Steven Storrie

Scattered Cranes. by Guinotte Wise