Lambremont, Sr.: Old Blues, New Blues

John Lambremont, Sr.: Old Blues, New Blues

$12, 174 pages.

ISBN-13: 978-1-948920-02-5
ISBN-10: 1948920026

John Lambremont, Sr.’s new volume of collected poems, Old Blues, New Blues, may be his strongest collection to-date. The tenor of the poems ranges from folksy to weird, and travel to all points in between. These poems are above all accessible and readable, and not overly burdened with esoteric imagery. The poems deal extensively with reflection and regret, but faith, hope, and understanding are presented as well. Old Blues, New Blues presents a good read not only to lovers of poetry, but to those who may find poetry reading a new adventure.

John Lambremont, Sr. is also the author of Dispelling The Indigo Dream (Local Gems Poetry Press 2013) and The Moment Of Capture (Lit Fest Press 2017).


The Alien
Jet fighter pilots wear masks,
and astronauts do, too.
I once saw a fighter pilot’s mask
disintegrate from contamination
from a space-borne microbe,
but that was in a movie.

Now I wear a mask nightly.
It helps me get more air
into my lungs because
my heart and brain need oxygen
that I can’t give them.

It helps me sleep better, too,
and I am no longer fatigued
in the early afternoon,
but my deeper slumbers
cause me to lose my dreams,
and my wife calls me The Alien.

My son tells me all about
the symptoms of my affliction,
even though I relate that
I’ve read about them already.
He asks me if I want to die in my sleep.
I say yes.