New book of poetry from Pski’s Porch: Tim Staley


Lost on My Own Street
by Tim Staley

ISBN-13: 978-0692662335
ISBN-10: 0692662332

Pski’s Porch is proud to add a new book to our catalog, this one from Tim Staley. Tim hails from Alabama, lives in New Mexico, and writes poems that blend the cerebral with the visceral:

Do You Feel Alright

When Bob Marley Jr. asks the crowd,
do you feel alright? I take it personally.
I ask my friend how she feels alright
and she suggests a six pack before bed
but there are bubbles in beer and I know
feeling bloated isn’t feeling alright.
I shoot numerous arrows toward God
bent over like a question mark and after
no word from the celestial bondsman,
I go local, drink a few flat beers and write
the president in a calm cursive.
He gets back to me quickly
with an autographed 8X10 and I feel
alright for awhile but I’m
not sure because he never stops
smiling and that’s suspicious.
I ask my wife, do I feel alright?
and she’s tying the laces of her
Jazzercise shoes really tight as she
doesn’t want them falling off
when she’s dancing. I call my mom
and before I even finish asking
she says, yes, yes, you feel alright
and you feel handsome too,
and I do feel handsome for awhile
so I restring my racquetball racket
and speed-walk the food court
but I don’t feel alright, so I
ask my brother and he says,
I got to get out of here, so I go
to the nearest forest and shut the door.
I follow a stream all the way up
a mountain into the cold mist
and feel my toes and fingers
go numb and feel myself fall in
the windblown scattering of peaks.

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading Tim’s work, and know that you will as well.


Here is Tim reading another poem from the book, “The Waiting Game”