New Book of Poetry From the Porch, via the UK….

Working With the Negatives, Steven Storrie.

51 pages — $7.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9978706-2-6
ISBN-10: 0997870621

Steven Storrie writes unadorned poems with subtle angles and a light touch, even as he rails against the sociopolitical currents dragging at his feet. Working With the Negatives offers us poems that capture experience in a way that privileges that experience as much as the poem, that steer our attention back and forth between loss and desire.


Just one more week
And it’s payday
Just one more week
And it’s vacation time
Just one more week
And it’s Memorial Day
A three day weekend
Thank the Lord

Soon the weeks pile up
Like dead bodies
Blank faced and unaccounted for
The days like letters
Stuffed into a shoebox

What I wouldn’t give
Just once
To be