New Book from the Porch: Caramel Floods

Caramel Floods, by Fin Sorrel

ISBN-13: 978-0998847641
ISBN-10: 099884764X

352 pages


Mmm, caramel… surreal and seeping, Sorrel’s stories dance through minefields without a sound, explode themselves over silent seas, and leave our galaxy behind on their way into the center of vision. Caramel Floods sets readers on a rowboat and shoves them toward the other side of the pond, where the rushes glow in the moonlight.

The mannequin is causing a lot of ruckus in the kitchen, accidentally slamming plates, shattering bowls on the wall, and dropping glasses, while trying to run programs for breakfast that Allen had input ~ Allen and his wife stumble into the kitchen, in their underwear, and smoke sizzles out of the mannequin’s motor ~ Spinning the 90 pounds of rubber, metal and plastic in overloaded circles. A sound of overworked lawnmower motors is heard and Allen shouts something in computer language she can’t manage, and the mannequin stalls, to a halt, dropping the crock pot into a thousand porcelain pieces, little, gathered leaves she has chewed, to help heal my wounds. Shotgun holes through that one –

Fin Sorrel was born February 9, 1985, in California. He was raised in Oregon, and as a teenager, he dropped out of high school to further his personal studies in black and white photography, he learned how to hop freight trains, and studied anarchist literature at an info shop on 3rd and Burnside, in Portland, Oregon called liberation collective. His first adventure on trains led him to begin writing in a journal which was lost in a drunken bar fight on a road trip through northern California. He didn’t give up, and began keeping journals of “poems” written using random newspaper articles, bits of conversation, and sketches. Living on the street, in squatted abandoned buildings, or on friends couches, Fin learned the hard lessons of life, which would be some of the later inspiration for his first short stories. After an incident where he was homeless traveling through Santa Barbara, Fin was hospitalized for a severed blood vessel in his septum, which led to his death. The clinic in Santa Barbara were able to recover Fin, and he lived through the incident. This would be the inspiration for such stories as Teacup Galaxy and explosion no. 1. Still traveling, Fin is working on his next collection of surreal tales for his first novella: Adams st. He runs MANNEQUIN HAUS, where he now publishes Avant Garde/ Surrealist fiction and plays. Exploring the country side from out of a backpack, ghost towns, and abandoned buildings fascinate, and inform his surreal style. Contact him via mannequin haus: