The New News: The Ramingo’s Porch Exists

Please join me in welcoming a collaboration between Mendes Biondo (RamingoBlog), Catfish McDaris (EveryDamnWhere), and Marc Pietrzykowski (Pski’sPorch), a new journal of poetry, prose, drama, non-fiction, art, and whatever else we find worthwhile: The Ramingo’s Porch.

10 bucks. No kidding. 104 pages. Is that a dime a page? I think it is. And there are words on these pages, so many wonderful words…. Like these:

Pillow talk

City feet throb, tested thighs grump-groan
as we sigh into the hotel’s pebbly mattresses.
Toothpasted tumblers raised we toast
in duty-free brandy, chorus Goodnight John Boy.
You flick the light nearer your bed than mine.
Then the serious holiday blether starts.

No need to talk about the pub lunch, the flowers
on the highest slopes Now’s the soft dark time
to confess those lithesome lovers, to dark-grumble
about the children, fret over that persistent pain,
to tummy-wobble and giggle over diets abandoned.
Pals together.

–Finola Scott