Call For Submissions: Ramingo’s Porch, issue 3



Fuck Bukowski – Call for Submissions for The Ramingo’s Porch Third Issue

Hey there Ladies and Gentlemen!

It’s time to set your writing tools for the new theme and deadline of the Ramingo’s Porch. We did such a great party with the “Love, Spring and Revolution” issue and we want to bring you a lot of fun also for this one. After months and months and some days (few minutes…) we find out the next theme: Fuck Bukowski. Yes, exactly Uncle Hank!
It will be such a tribute, more or less, and it will rock the net — as we did with the last two issues!

As always we will select all the poems, short stories, short essays, manifestoes, plays (and so on..) we consider good. So don’t get mad if we will say no to you. Maybe your writings will found a new house very soon. Don’t try, just do it!

The deadline will be April 30th. We will send our choices out only at the end of the deadline so we ask you not to send us multiple submissions. It would be nasty to have a fight with the other good magazine editors round here.

If you are chosen, we will send you a digital copy of the mag and we will have an interview with you as we did with the past authors. Probably we would be able to do many other things for our authors as like nominate them to the Pushcart Prize and the Best of The Net prize. This is a work in progress but we suppose you would appreciate it.

There’s nothing else to say again. Have fun, write your best and send them to us at