New Book of Poems: Guinotte Wise

Guinotte Wise: Horses See Ghosts

164 pages, $10.99

ISBN-13: 9978-1948920001
ISBN-10: 194892000X


Pski’s Porch is proud to offer Horses See Ghosts, the latest poetry collection from author, sculptor, and raconteur Guinotte Wise, full of joy and sadness and wry, side-eyed affection for our lost world.

Birds, fowl, horses, dogs, ghosts, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky. Life and death and Moonpies and Nehi and RC Cola too. It’s all in here. The essentials. I wrote it just for me and you. Man, I hope something in here hits a groove or two for you.



I wade into tropic warmth of water, brown,

surrounds me, think of snapping turtles as

my bare feet sink in silk-soft silt and move

to the center, only my eyes are above

the water now, and my dogs swim toward

me, they bump my head with inquisitive

muzzles, their eyes near mine, I reach

for their paddling paws beneath the surface

and they lurch, splashing me, they turn and

swim away, regarding me, they like this

scary play, they swim at me again, but veer

to avoid my underwater fumbles, they in

their doglike parody of water ballet, turning,

rolling, kicking away. The female has blue

eyes and I hear Jaws music in my head as

she approaches. I jump up so I can breathe

and laugh and her head breaches the brown

surface, too, in her version of a laugh. The

male is tired of the game, stands on the mud

bank awaiting us so he can shake rainbow

droplets at us in the sun, his way of joking.