the Ramingo’s Porch, Issue #3

Welcome to issue 3 of The Ramingo’s Porch, the “Fuck Bukowski”issue. While the theme speaks for itself, the contrubutions herein push the theme around, rough it up, and leave it bleeding in a alley, giggling to itself. And how could they not? The man contained multitudes, so must an issue devoted to an admiration so great, it requires we tell him to fuck off.

One of our favorite Bukowski quotes, from Interview magazine, reveals just how multitudinous—and wildly contradictory—he was:

People, mostly, I can do without. They don’t fill me, they empty me. I respect no man. I have a problem that way…I’m lying, but believe me, it’s true.

Of course it’s not true, and of course it is. Of course he depised fame, and of course he sought it, and enjoyed it when he found it. Of course he romanticized his life in his writing, to “give it a little juice,” and of course he made fun of all manner of human artifice. Of course.

And of course, he gave us a theme, and the authors in issue 3 responded beautifully, because really, beauty is the whole point, in all its ugliness.

—The Editors

$10, 113 pages