Short Story Collection from the Porch

Monarchs of the Undertow, Marc Pietrzykowski. 140 pages — $10 ISBN-13: 978-0-9978706-4-0 ISBN-10: 0997870648 Small town fabula, secrets and lies, petty thieves in the mall and shotguns balanced in the lap. The sun is a beast. Everyone knows everyone. No one knows why, they try to leave, but something keeps drawing them back. Short stories for

More new poetry from the Porch

So Much Noise. by Marc Pietrzykowski 79 pages – $10.00 ISBN13: 978-0997870619 ISBN-10: 0997870613 More poems about piffy, ferns, consultancy, Kentucky, crayons, and gristle. These poems are sneaky, carefully measured, narrative but layered, lyrical but possessive. Or possessed, but by someone nice and not at all demonic, except when the wind blows. Feathered, though not

New Book of Poetry From the Porch, via the UK….

Working With the Negatives, Steven Storrie. 51 pages — $7. ISBN-13: 978-0-9978706-2-6 ISBN-10: 0997870621 Steven Storrie writes unadorned poems with subtle angles and a light touch, even as he rails against the sociopolitical currents dragging at his feet. Working With the Negatives offers us poems that capture experience in a way that privileges that experience

New Book of Poetry from Pski’s Press, via Minnesota…

Bereft & the Same-Sex Heart, Samuel E. Cole. 127 Pages — $13 ISBN-13: 978-0997870633 ISBN-10: 099787063X In <i>Bereft & the Same Sex Heart</i>, his first collection of poetry, Samuel E. Cole’s concerns range from growing up gay in a conservative Christian community to the difficulties of domesticating love, from the starkly political to the deeply

More Poetry From Pski’s Porch

Poems I and II, by Fred C. Applebaum. 110 pages – $10.00 ISBN-13: 978-0692692578 ISBN-10: 0692692576 Fred C. Applebaum is a pen name for Marc Pietrzykowski, who gets bored thinking and writing from within his own name. The poems are experimental the way rockets were experimental in the 1930s, perhaps. The project will be done

New Book of Poems From Bruce McRae

Like As If, by Bruce McRae 130 page — $13 ISBN-13: 978-0692731109 ISBN-10: 0692731105 Hyperbole, verging on histrionics. Hectoring lists. Mangled metaphors. Super-similes, which lean toward hysteria: as if ‘like’ and like ‘as if’. A flying fortress of images and imagery. Wordplay. Cinematic mélange. A stand-up comic’s throwaway one-liners. (Yes, humour, of the rubber crutch

New Book From Pski’s Porch

Migration, by Brian Morse and Betsy Potter 44 pages – $18.00 ISBN-13: 978-0997870602 ISBN-10: 0997870605 A wonderfully disorienting mix of nature writing and haunting surrealism, told in epistolary form, accompanied by delicately unsettling illustrations. Brian Morse and Betsy Potter have made a book  that will make readers feel slightly to the left of themselves, as

Redesigning the website

We changed and upgraded the Pski’s Porch website this week, as you can see. We added a space for very very short reviews of books, and also an archive of Louie Clay’s list of journals and publishers that accept e-submissions, since Louie is retiring from maintaining the site. We hope to keep Louie’s archive going,

New book of poetry from Pski’s Porch: Catfish McDaris

Available April 7th! Now! Sleeping With the Fish by Catfish McDaris ISBN-13: 978-0692671320 ISBN-10: 0692671323 $13 Pski’s Porch has been busy this Spring, and is happy to add another new book of poetry to our catalog, this one from Mssr. Catfish McDaris. Besides being right tasty, Catfish has been loosing his poems and prose on

New book of poetry from Pski’s Porch: Tim Staley

AVAILABLE APRIL 4th!!! Lost on My Own Street by Tim Staley ISBN-13: 978-0692662335 ISBN-10: 0692662332 $12 Pski’s Porch is proud to add a new book to our catalog, this one from Tim Staley. Tim hails from Alabama, lives in New Mexico, and writes poems that blend the cerebral with the visceral: Do You Feel Alright