New Book of Poetry and Art from Pski’s Porch

Light and Shade by Gerry Brennan and Mariana Santos ISBN-13: 978-0692508244 ISBN-10: 0692508244 98 pages $13.00 This collection of poems and drawings will interest those who love both poetry and the visual arts, as Brennan’s poems discuss history, philosophy, and human culture with Santos’ artwork. According the critic Nuno Miguel Guedes, ‘Light and Shade goes

New Book from Pski’s Porch

At the End of All Our Labors by Potassium Cockburn $13. 284 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0692506165 • ISBN-10: 0692506160 September 2015 The central character in Potassium Cockburn’s novel has a job to do, and several successive layers of reality in which to do it, but it’s not clear who he’s really working for, or that the

3 New Books From Pski’s Porch

Hello World! Pski’s Porch had 3 new books to fill your Spring with poetic vim: A Thoroughness Not Deprived of Absurdity. By Colin James. Poems I. By Fred C. Applebaum. Kindness is Never Small. By Marc Pietrzykowski. Come join us on the Porch!

Autumn Fruit Mellow’d Long

Dryden wrote a musical theater version of Paradise Lost, apparently. I’m sure someone in Hollywood is working up a new treatment as we speak… but if not, or if you have a better version, we at the Porch would like to read it. We have a small selection of upcoming titles already, and we would

Press for The Emissary, Book Fair, and Launch Party

Oh we’re about to be very busy at the Porch. First up is a book launch party for Marc Pietrzykowski’s new novel, The Emissary, and new book of poetry, Straddling the Sibyl, March 28th at the Tuscarora Inn, Lockport NY: Facebook event for Launch party. Then, we have a table at the Buffalo Small Press

Coming in March

In March, 2014, Pski’s Porch Publishing, will unleash The Emissary on an unsuspecting, and largely uncaring, reading public. Marc Pietrzykowski’s second novel concerns residents of the ElderGrove Residential Living Facility, a run down nursing home chock full of stories. The aged residents are overflowing with them, the employees are busy making their own, and one

2 new books on the way…

Sometime in the next year, Marc Pietrzykowski’s second novel, The Emissary, will be released. We are editing and sending out review copies at present. His sixth book of poetry, Straddling the Sibyl, will be released as well. Check back here for dates and readings.

New Book of Poetry Available

No Tribe, No Tribute poems by Marc Pietrzykowski Print: $13. 82 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1479212637 ISBN-10: 1479212636 Official Publication Date: March 23, 2013 If you would like to read about planes crashing, Cool Hand Luke, numerology, Suleiman the Magnificent, cleaning the cat box, the Tetragrammaton, traffic cones, circuit court judges with bad shoes, and Omaha, Nebraska,

Good Review. In other news, Facebook is garbage.

I like when the first word of a review is “Wow!”: Nick Vasey reviews Music Box Dancer. It makes a great holiday gift, whether or not you like the person you’ve given it to. As does Conflagrations. And now, please, everyone get off Facebook! It’s such a crappy product. I will go post this to

Off to Launch the Next One…

Pski’s Porch is mobile, heading to points East to begin launching our latest publication. Conflagrations has been available to secret agents and the like for a few weeks now, but now comes the official splash: Announcing the publication of Conflagrations: Poems and Images an emblem book by Mary Leary and Marc Pietrzykowski Print: $17. 74 pages.