the Ramingo’s Porch, Issue #2

Welcome to issue number 2 of The Ramingo‚Äôs Porch, which is 2 more than any of us thought would emerge from gestation into sunlight–but we received so many fine submissions, the journey proved pretty simple, if not inevitable.

The process of making a litmag exposes the pushmepullyou of history and modernity, gathering singers and storytellers around the fire for a party, but a party built from ones and zeroes all in a row, shot into space, bounced off satellites back down to earth, printed with lasers and ink on paper made from other paper, shipped around the globe with the help of robots and infernal engines of every shape and configuration.

We hope the stories and poems and screeds and scribblings within give you hope, piss you off, and inspire you to scribble yourself. But why all this about oak or stone? Come you, let us begin.

$10, 114 pages